Me, my dreams and the blog

I am just some stupid kid who wants this world to be a better place. I really cannot put it all in a single page, I’ve been dreaming about this all my life ever, even before I figured out I can dream. Now I am seeing all that being shattered right before me, and I am standing there, busy thinking what should I choose, people who care about me all the time, or me, and run following my dreams.

Now its time, time to hold on to both, because, I know one thing, and thats, I cannot stay alive without any one of them. I need them both, so I chose what my parents wanted me to. I let my passion wait, but no more, I want my dreams to be alive. And I love them, because I love myself, and I am nothing without them. This blog for me is my way back into love.

Following the blog you guys can also follow my personal engineering notes, or go to Extreme Engineering. But you can find here a few case studies, that, you might find interesting. I thing I am sure to not interest you are my posts in ‘personal journal’ category, because I’d be sharing intimate stuff there. So please don’t complain, just browse category wise, and ignore what you don’t like, stick to what you do. Hope we have a common taste about something, so you find my case studies interesting enough.

My business case studies will be focusing on four companies; Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Wiki. Because, these are the companies that inspire me to do something better.

Moreover I will be often diluting the reasons and requirements for a post on my website, The Space Chronicles, which the site would be lacking as I would like the posts to seem more professional there, but they will be better decoded into very simple language here. The actual website will be better for those equipped with basic knowledge of physics and stuff, and those who want to learn physics from the very basis are welcomed here.


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